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"Fundamentals in the equity market remain good."

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"Iran considers the threat by Daesh as a threat to its own national security," he said, using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group

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“This ought to stop if China wants to earn the respect of the international community.”

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Dr Hellawell insisted the firm "didn't want" USC to fold.

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He was posted to a unit in the Allied Second Tactical Air Force (2TAF) and saw service in France, Holland and Germany

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Industry experts say the Mountain View-based company hasincreasingly been exploring online searches tailored towardspecific industries or markets

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As the ship listed, Yang smashed into a wall

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The petitioners say the Clean Air Act prohibits the EPA fromregulating power plants as it has proposed because thefacilities are already covered by the Mercury and Air ToxicsStandards

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Justin, 39, was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2006, experienced full kidney failure in 2009, and he's been on dialysis ever since

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They fear too that it will combine with a nasty unwinding of East Asia's internal credit bubble.

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Two girls described the abuse of their 16-year-old sister by four men over a period of several months

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"Every day that they are exposed to coal-derived pollutants is a day that their health is in danger

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Of the babies born with NAS, 65 percent had mothers who had legally filled prescriptions for opioid pain relievers.

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“I think of how well I think we’re capable of playing

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You can't get to work on that."

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The skeptics were right — the video was staged

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Now, two of the Apollo 13 astronauts and the Mission Control flight director who helped the crew to return safely to earth will be at the University of Arkansas on April 23

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Tushi wasn't having it, though, so as soon as the drone was close by, the clearly annoyed chimp went up a tree and whacked the drone twice with a long branch

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The agency is operating on $1.2 billion less than it did five years ago.

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Federal education policy doesn’t have to be a pendulum, and policymakers and advocates should be able to move beyond either-or thinking

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The 42-year-old critically endangered creature is one of five remaining northern white rhinos

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Coach Dave Lewis lasted just one season, in which the team missed the playoffs, before Chiarelli hired Julien to replace him.

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The skeptics were right — the video was staged

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In January, Rhode Island-born Chazelle, who turns 30 in January 2015, described La La Land as a "passion project"

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Should I invest in the versatile but pricey Apple Watch, or wait for the upcoming Pebble Time? The $149 Alcatel Onetouch is a compelling alternative

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Data from the study will bepresented at an upcoming medical meeting, the largest U.S.drugmaker said.

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He pulls his first ball for four, and is then dropped Off the face of the bat, straight to Gary Ballance at short leg but it just doesn't stick, unlucky

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A massive stimulus package pulled China out of the slump, but saddled local governments with a mountain of debt.

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If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a pair of the exclusive adidas Yeezy Boosts that Kanye West released recently, you’ve probably got them stored away in a very safe location

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Divers established that those elements of fuselage that had to be left in the sea did not contain any bodies.

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The House alreadyapprovedthe legislationlast month.

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The mandate included high-quality blocks in theasset sale in order to make it more attractive to investors, thepaper added.

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Social media will be the main route to stories, with prominent share tools, headlines "written to share" and a great "click-out" of Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp experience

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Dragon is expected to return to Earth approximately five weeks from its launchfor a parachute-assisted splashdown off of the coast of southern California

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When you book directly with the owner, there's a greater risk of fraud

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The OBR's best-case scenario on life expectancy (or worst case for those banking on getting their pension) was that today's 47-year-olds would be the first to retire at 70

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Some 17% had the same response when it came to information provided during their postpartum care.

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And the only major shortcoming in this game overall is its visuals

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Itsaid the minority interest will be held in trust for the benefitof Canadian farmers, and that G3 will be based in Winnipeg,Manitoba

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Law enforcement officials are currently conducting a homicide investigation, Molinelli said

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She hasn't tweeted any progress reports since she posted the picture of her shopping basket on Friday.

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Espalin accused him of using Moto's business bank account for personal use, including trips and the development of patented products.

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This wave of persecution began not with IS but when Britain and America invaded Iraq in 2003 to topple Saddam Hussein

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Today, most of us get too little light during the day and too much at night for our circadian rhythm to function at its best

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I am looking forward to leading the executive team and the Group in the next stage of its development,” he said.

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"I am just pro-Google playingby the rules and showcasing the best products in its searchresults, rather than abusing its market dominance."

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“The concept is very simple: there are three ways to react when faced with a decision: Yes, No, or Maybe

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